A Rather than accepting the staffing challenges, we have a solution.

A transformational coaching program that teaches leaders the skills to build empathetic workplaces and an unstoppable talent acquisition strategy that will attract and retain the right talent.

Imagine building a successful 7-figure legacy with a highly productive, inspired team that dominates customer service in your market.

To be less stressed, healthier, and have more time. 

You have been personally invited to explore our exclusive

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 Thrive Academy Program

Our 12-month program includes


Schedules are busy.  Our on-demand proprietary programs teach you the skills needed to increase team morale, productivity and effectiveness. Laser coaching and an easy to use platform.


Exclusive access to an accountability coach and our inspiring community.
Weekly live group coaching sessions
Strategic Habits with Laura
Cohort groups

accountability coaching

It's a competitive market! We teach you how to audit your talent acquisition strategy, EVP, and online business reputation to stand out and attract the right talent to scale your business.

CULTURE Transformation


a Step-by-step blueprint

hire & thrive Method

It's a competitive market! We teach you how to audit your talent acquisition strategy, EVP, and online business reputation to stand out and attract the right talent to scale your business.

90-day Thrive Accelerator Game Plan

 Leaders Build Great Teams

Weekly Biz & Team Building Live Calls



you can expect a road map to success 




"Working alongside THRIVE has developed an understanding on how to lead a team by paying closer attention to verbiage used, gestures, and how to control the room. I have gained so much confidence in my leadership skills and continue to feel more confident in my role."

- Chelsea, Operations Director

"It is always a pleasure having Laura come into our training sessions. She is always very thorough and has great activities to do with the team. I have learned a lot over the course of a year."

- Laurel, District Talent Manager

"I loved my first Thrive workshop! I love working for a company that invests so much into making me the best leader I can be. Laura is awesome! She has taught me how to communicate more effectively, how to interview, and how to build the talent within our team."

- Nicole, Manager

"Thrive Coaching has helped me become a more confident leader with providing amazing resources. Kaitlyn and Laura are amazing leaders that are there to help whenever you need. The in person live workshops are very beneficial and loaded with great information."

- Kollin, Manager

A customized fast-track plan designed by your strategist with actionable steps to achieve immediate results.

Group coaching sessions with Laura and the Thrive team that includes training and real-time implementation.

Strategic HR & Optimization Workshops

Bi-Monthly 1:1 Success Calls

Two 30-mins 1:1 sessions each month with your strategist focused on your 90-day game plan. Solution-based and filled

Client Portal Access

Each month our team of experts teach on one of our core systems. Ongoing coaching helps business owners and managers navigate real-life challenges to build resilient teams.

  • Operations Optimization
  • Full cycle Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Management and Development
  • Sales and Marketing

Leadership and Thriving team development

High-Performance Team

We know what it takes to build great teams. Our program is designed to reduce employee stress, build company culture, and equip your manager with the tools to bring the team together and grow the business.

  • On-demand training course with assessments to track results
  • Personalized accountability coaching program
  • HR training, sales coaching, time management skills, and more!


Thrive Manager Training 

Your coaching journey begins with our signature Hire & Thrive program. It's a game-changer! We teach you how to build an effective talent strategy to attract and retain brand ambassadors in today's competitive market.

  • A step-by-step system to attract and retain the right talent
  • Learn to lead and support a team post-pandemic
  • Access to leadership assessments and our proprietary software

"Excellence in Motion. This was a huge success for the team. Thank you for your leadership and support." - Darin, Franchisee

hire & thrive method


"As a business owner, I have found the Thrive manager training program to offer great support to me and my growing team. They respond quickly and their online resources are comprehensive and accessible from anywhere.."
- Business Owner

Let's Break It Down

"Informative and useful information to use in a day to day business setting that was so engaging and enjoyable!" - Paula, District Trainer

you are ready to LEVEL UP IN LEADERSHIP

You want your team to show up and care

You want to build a successful company

Your want happier & healthier employees 

You want to hire the right talent

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