Thrive Academy Program

A 12-month comprehensive system designed to help Scaling Business Owners seeking to liberate themselves from the daily grind of business management.

You do not want to be trapped working in the business. Instead, you aspire to be Strategic Leaders, Visionaries, and Catalysts for Growth, allowing your businesses to thrive independently
by a trained team - not you.

Our journey with you begins by assessing your current operations and systems. This initial phase is the bedrock of our process, as we recognize that a successful business is built upon a solid foundation of efficient and effective systems.

A Competitive Talent Strategy

Systemize the Business

Our curriculum encompasses essential topics such as Situational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, equipping you and your managers with the tools to navigate complex workplace dynamics.

We empower leaders with the knowledge and strategies to drive significant business growth, guiding you on the path to achieving your organization's most ambitious goals.

Our team of experts help you build...

Leadership Development

In the next pivotal phase, our dedicated team works closely with you to develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy, ensuring that each hire aligns perfectly with your business's vision and culture. Our proven interview, onboarding, and development processes ensure the right managers are carefully selected and equipped to steer your company toward success

Customized Leadership

We prioritize a holistic approach to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and effective communication within your team.

Our tailored leadership dashboard provides instant access to personality assessments and calendar integration, ensuring preparedness for meetings and performance conversations, ultimately creating a more positive workplace.

Manager & Multi-Unit Leadership Programs

Investing in a company is often a quest for more freedom, but sometimes, despite hiring a manager to handle the daily operations, you can still find yourself trapped in the day-to-day affairs of the business. This is where our talent optimization process comes into play. 

Our comprehensive approach will guide you through every step of the process – from identifying the right talent, conducting effective interviews, seamless onboarding, to continuous development.

Live training programs hosted quarterly.

Our Thrive community is simple to use and a secure place to work on your business goals with easy access to the following:

  • Weekly live calls on Tuesday and Thursday
  • On-demand step-by-step Training
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Customizable templates and tools

You will find your program materials, resources, and be able to collaborate with our team and other leaders nationwide.

Build your  Toolbox

You're busy building a
$1M+ business

We make it easy 

Empower, Inspire, Thrive: Leadership Development Redefined.

We help build Building Tomorrow's Leadership, Today.

Let's Break It Down

UNLIMITED WEEKLY LIVE COACHING to build your talent strategy, leadership, and effective management skills

Access to 2 in-person Leadership implementation workshops

personalized access to our thrive community for your program materials, courses, and communication

We built a system that gets results...

Our team works with you 1:1 bi-weekly in 50 MINS SESSIONS to help you put the plan into action

private leadership dashboard sessions to take a deep-dive into your leadership and team potential

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savings of $4,500


12 monthly payments


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